Topsix Ipodrink Sitron

100 stk á 17 gram (500 ml)

Varenr: TOP0002/A

Integrator of high concentration alkalizing mineral salts (sodium, potassium,
chloride, magnesium) different glycemic index carbohydrates and vitamin c.

Alkalizing mineral salts contribute to restoring water-saline balance as
well as to increase blood Ph value, contrasting the acidification supported
by the lactic acid produced by muscles activity. For this, lpodrink
Sport improves resistance and prevents the appearance of muscular
cramps. Moreover, the presence of different glycemic index carbohydrates
provides a "boost" of energy for both an immediate action and a sustained
released action. In addition, Vitamin C supplementation strengthens
antioxidants, helping to reduce muscle fatigue.
All lpodrink components are provided in hypotonic solution, so as to
facilitate the rapid gastric emptying and a high digestibility. These characteristics make lpodrink Sports particularly suitable for being taken during performance. Due to its unique composition, intake of lpodrink Sport
is particularly recommended in endurance sports (cycling, marathons,
triathlon) or team sports (football, volleyball, basketball. rugby).

• High standard of quality and purity, guaranteed by the certification of individual components;
• Gluten-free.
• Preservative-free;
• Packs of 10 sachets of T7 g. (maximum dosage for 500 ml of water);
• 100 sachets of 17 g.;
• 12 sachets of 170 g.
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