Topsix Vigorfruta Mag 42g

Varenr: TOP0083
Vigorfrutta mag

FRUTTA Mag is a tasty snack made of fruit juice and
pulp enriched in magnesium (magnesium carbonate, magnesium
chloride, magnesium citrate) with fructose and dextrose. Its
formulation makes it particularly pleasant and easily assimilable.

VIGOR FRUTTA Mag is formulated to provide a readily available, but gradually absorbable source of carbohydrates. Fruit sugars (fructose) are very well suited to performing this function, since on the one hand they are quickly available, and on the other hand they avoid the occurrence of glycemic peaks, which can adversely affect performance. In fact, the presence of dietary
fibre of vegetable origin regulates its absorption. In addition, the presence of magnesium in the form of alkalizing mineral salt helps to restore the correct water-saline balance, and to alkalize the blood’s pH value, which is disturbed by lactic acid, naturally produced by muscles during high-intensity exercise. It also helps to prevent the onset
of muscle fatigue-induced cramps.

how to use
2 packs of 42g per day is the recommended daily intake, before or during sports activity, preferably between meals.

• High quality of food and production,
certified according to the highest European standards;
• High palatability and functionality: gelatine does not melt with body
• It does not need to be taken with water;
• Gluten free;
• The product should be taken after reading the warnings on the packaging;;

Packaging Pack of 42 g.
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