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Hoggan microFET Grip

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microFET® digital HandGRIP dynamometer is for healthcare professionals to measure handgrip strength forces to test and document grip deficits and to evaluate consistency of effort. microFET® handGRIP is designed with load cell sensors and electronic board to provide more accurate tool to measure hand strength in patients with hand trauma and dysfunction. Measurements are accurate and repeatable.

The wireless microFET® HandGRIP gauge is an accurate, portable and lightweight Force Evaluation and Testing (FET) device. The microFET® HandGRIP provides accurate and quantifiable results in identifying areas of weakness in the wrists, hands due to injury or disease. It is a versatile tool to anyone involved in rehabilitation, hand therapy, occupational therapy, upper extremity testing, geriatric care or ergonomic assessments.

microFET® hand grip dynamometer, by utilizing precision load cell sensors in its design, it eliminates the possibility of oil leakage or break down that can occur with hydraulic hand grips. Now with Bluetooth wireless capability, you can enjoy freedom from inconvenient cords or cables using the wireless HandGRIP with either microFET® Clinical software or FDC FET Data Collection Research software.

Wireless microFET® HandGRIP Specifications:

  • The HandGRIP allows for the following tests: Maximum Grip, 5 Position Grip, Rapid Exchange Grip, Hand Fatigue Grip
  • Easy To Read LCD Displays Show Peak Force and Elapsed Time
  • Selectable units of measure: pounds (lbs.), Newtons (N), or kilogram-force (kgf)
  • Low and high threshold settings: Low – 0.8 lb. to 200 lbs. in 0.1 lb. increments and High – 3 lbs. to 200 lbs. in 0.1 lb. increments
  • Accuracy within 1% of the reading
  • Bluetooth enabled for wireless use with either clinical or data collection research software.
  • Auto shutoff to conserve battery life.

Available microFET® Clinical software automatically performs calculations and validity checks, generates tables and graphs from testing data, creates high-impact session and comparison reports from patient tests, walks the clinician through selected tests or entire protocols, and provides built-in pictures to demonstrate proper gauge and patient positioning. The software is compatible with Windows operating systems XP or newer.

What’s Included

  • Wireless microFET® HandGRIP Dynamometer
  • Wall Pack Power Supply
  • Cloth Carrying Bag
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