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Hoggan microFET3

Muscle Tester Dynamometer

Varenr: 5026
18 000,-
Innovative Dual-Function Device is Latest Development in Field of Diagnostic Medicine

The wireless microFET3 Muscle Testing Dynamometer and Range of Motion Inclinometer is an accurate, portable Force Evaluation and Testing (FET) device. It is designed specifically for taking accurate, objective muscle testing and range of motion measurements. Now you can perform two evaluations with one gauge when diagnosing and treating muscular disorders. The gauge allows the clinician one free hand to stabilize and assist the patient. The microFET3 is the latest development in the field of diagnostic medicine and provides fast and reliable results. Now with wireless capability, you can enjoy freedom from inconvenient cord tangling and being wired to the data-collecting computer. No more cables, cords, or wires.

The microFET3 has the following specifications:

  1. Selectable units of measure: pounds (lbs.), Newtons (N), or kilogram-force (kgf)
  2. Two threshold settings for muscle testing: Low Threshold – 0.8 lb. to 150 lbs. in 0.1 lb. increments and High Threshold – 3.0 lbs. to 150 lbs. in 0.1 lb. increments
  3. Self-activating “sleep” mode to extend battery life
  4. Delivers muscle testing accuracy within 1% and range of motion accuracy within 1°

The microFET software automatically performs calculations and validity checks, generates tables and graphs from testing data, creates high-impact session and comparison reports, walks the clinician through selected tests or entire protocols, and provides built-in pictures to demonstrate proper gauge and patient positioning. (At this time, the software is compatible with Windows operating systems XP or newer.)

Your Purchase Includes: Wireless microFET3 Muscle Testing Dynamometer and Range of Motion Inclinometer, Flat Transducer Pad, Curved Transducer Pad, Digit Transducer Pad, User Manual, Protocol Manual, Usage Charts for Muscle Testing and Range of Motion, 5 Test Recording Pads (3 for range of motion and 2 for muscle testing), and Carrying Case. 1 year standard warranty included, with extended warranties available. Free shipping in the U.S and Canada is included. 
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